Seducing the Vampire
Harlequin Nocturne (October 2009)
Genre: VampiresWerewolves

Free Read: Seducing the Vampire by Bonnie Vanak
(Note: This is Indigo’s story from Enemy Lover and Immortal Wolf. It’s a short online read available for free from eHarlequin’s library)

Banished by his mother’s vampire clan a century ago after a liaison with the clan leader’s pureblood daughter, half-wolf, half-vampire Indigo Mercier has made a new life for himself as part of the Draicon wolf pack. Now, Avril Antoine haunts only his most forbidden dreams—until one night she appears, seeking his protection!

Avril has endured her own punishment for her affair with the Changling. But with the Anastasia charm—a crystal with the power to grant wishes—about to fall into the wrong hands, she can trust only one to guard it with his life: Indigo Mercier!